• the most creative company for dressmaking
  • quality that never goes out of style
  • the most creative company for dressmaking
  • quality that never goes out of style

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The fashion house called ‘Dan Flow Fashion’ is an African clothing and accessory line based in Atlanta, Georgia. I had the opportunity of sitting down with the C.E.O of DanFlow Fashion to ask a few questions about her passion project.


Q: Why the name ‘DanFlow Fashion’

A: It was a name my husband and I came up with. We wanted a name that represented our family as a whole, so its a combination of my kids names as well as ours which forms the name Danflow, and then we added Fashion at the end to complete the name.

Q: What Inspired you to start ”DanFlow Fashion”

A: I started this fashion line because as an  African woman, when I step out I want to not only stand out but represent my culture and heritage as well. Not just with my clothes but with my accessories as well eg. my bags.

Q: What does DanFlow Fashion Cater to?

A: We cater to fashion accessories as well as fashion wears with an African twist, Why? because it’s important for me as an African to show my heritage and culture whilst making a statement.

DanFlow Fashion has been around for 10 years, and for all those years she has poured her heart and soul into her business which is very apparent in her attention to detail, the design of the pieces, and the overall ambiance of the fashion line.


I love the reverse two toned color of the dress, the print on the back gives the dress an edgy feel and it certainly does stand out from the rest. This dress would flatter all types of figures, shapes and height. You can dress it up with a pair of heels and some accessories or dress it down with a pair of flats.


What to expect from DanFlow Fashion?

In the upcoming months, especially since summer is around the corner; we can expect lots events such as sip and see’s, meet and greets and pop up shops.

One pop-up shop in particular takes place this Saturday June 3rd at  Terra Cotta Atl, 136 Fairground St SE, Marietta GA 30060 at 12 NOON. Free entry and kids are welcome so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to experience African Fashion.